6. Anonymous said: You asked: "Do you know if it was written about Brody or some other Adrien?" Yeah, it is! Kat Frankie wrote on facebook recently: "This is a song about the very handsome Adrien Brody that I made with my super talented friend Chris Klopfer. Just us and some Casio keyboard magic. Oh, and if you know Adrien, or know someone who knows Adrien, tell him we love him." :-)

    That’s really neat! Sadly I don’t know Adrien, or anyone who does; because if I did I would definitely show him this awesome song and then give him a giant bear hug.
    Thanks for the info :)


  7. Anonymous said: Hi, I found a beautiful song about Adrien, you may like it. :-) Search on soundcloud or youtube for "Chris Klopfer Kat Frankie Adrien".

    Oooh this is really pretty!

    Do you know if it was written about Brody or some other Adrien? Still, it’s great, and if anyone else wants to listen to it, here you go.

    Thanks, anony!


  10. Anonymous said: Hello your blog is amazing :) , but have you some video of Adrien with Audrey Tautou on Cannes?

    Thanks! Sorry but I don’t have any video of Adrien at Cannes. Wish I could help.